Selected works from our collection

Wolf Vostell "Kafkas Boot - Fine del Golfo", 1990. Schlauchboot, Gips, Beton, Gasmasken und TV
Wolf Vostell "Radar Alarm F", 1969. Racing bike with TV, pocket alarms, net bag. 150 x 90 x 20 cm / 59,05 x 35,43 x 7,87 In.
Wolf Vostell "La Flotta", 1955. Decollage. 40 x 30 cm / 17,75 x 11,81 In.
Wolf Vostell "Nürnberg", 1968. screen print and blurring on canvas. 100 x 100 cm / 39,37 x 39,37 In.
Bildanalyse auf deutsch
von Dr. Thomas Heyden, Neues Museum Nürnberg
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Analysis in english
by Dr. Thomas Heyden, New Museum Nuremberg
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"Nürnberg", 1968 and der Wand. Davor die Skulptur "Endogene Depression", 1980. Beides von Wolf Vostell
Wolf Vostell "Betonbuch", 1971. Buch in Beton. 34 x 25 x 4,5 cm. "Concrete book", 1971. Book in cement. 13,38 x 9,84 x 1,77 In. Multiple 3/100.
Wolf Vostell "The ear", 1977. Lead. 100 x 100 cm / 39,37 x 39,37 In.
Wolf Vostell; ”Vostell on Corregio”. 1979. From the Jesus-Variations series. Assemblage with camera, Ceresit mass and acrylic on photographic canvas, in artist's frame. 53,8 × 43,6 × 15 cm ( 21 ⅛ × 17 ⅛ × 5 ⅞ in.). Titled and dated on the back
Wolf Vostell "Endogene Depression", 1980. Concrete on TV. 60 x 100 x 60 cm / 23,62 x 39,37 x 23,62 In.
Wolf Vostell "Ritz", 1998. Objects and TV on canvas. 110 x 110 x 25 cm / 43,30 x 43,30 x 9,84 In. Last work of the artist.


multiple box



Edition Hundertmark.

48,5 x 37,5 x 11,0 cm.

19,09 x 14,76 x 4,33 In.


Box with 29 Multiples. Original.

Edition Box Hundertmark, 1996

Multiple-Box with 29 works of 23 NO!art Artists.

Alle works signed and numbered

N° 1/40 


David Amram: Photocoypy

Isser Aronovici: Edited photo / watercolor and buttons in plastic bag / 2 signed photocopies

Herb Brown: Color photocopy

Allen d Arcangelo: Photocopy

Stanley Fisher: Brochure, 16 pages

John Firth: Color photo

Erro: Silkscreen

Sam Goodman: Collage letter

Sam Goodman and Boris Lurie: Burned baby doll

Sam Goodman: CAN, presset can, Multiple by Boris Lurie

Jon Hendricks und Jean Touche: Photocopy

Boris Lurie: Various works; Manifesto, offset print triplicate / BLEED, painted over photocopy, collage on photo

Jack Micheline: Photocopy

Clayton Patterson: Collage on photo copy

Clayton Paterson und Michael Cezat: sealed letter 

Elsa Rensaa: Photocopy

David Red Rodrigues: Button

Gertrude Stein: Photocopy

Michelle Stuart: Photocopy

Aldo Tambellini: Watercolor on cardbord 

Jean Toche: Computerprint

Wolf Vostell: Object with spoon and concrete on photocopy

Stella Waitzkin: Object

Harriet Wood (Susan Long): Watercolor.


All works in a Paper Box.

All works signed and numbered

Edition N° 1/40

Mind condition.


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