Exhibition at the WALKER ART CENTER Minneapolis, USA. The Body Electric; Vostell, Kubota, Paik, Moorman among others. On view until July 21, 2019
Boris Lurie "Artist and Witness" at Mark Rothko Centre Daugavpils, Latvia. On view until June 23rd.2019

Art works available at The Wolf Vostell Estate (selection)

Wolf Vostell "Shoah", 1997
Wolf Vostell "Hebraische Suite für 7 Violinen", 1997
Wolf Vostell "Der Tote der Durst hat", 1978
Wolf Vostell "Nürnberg", 1968
Wolf Vostell "YOU", 1964/1994
Wolf Vostell "Radar Alarm F.", 1969
Wolf Vostell "Endogene Depression", 1980
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