Wolf Vostell at Berlin's studio house at Käuzchensteig,

today's Kunsthaus Dahlem.

Permanent exhibition starting on June 21, 2020

Wolf Vostell's former studio in Berlin. Stone studio at Käuzchensteig. Today's Kunsthaus Dahlem



From 1982 until his death in 1998, Wolf Vostell used the former stone studio as a work space.

We're  pleased to anounce that one of his last works "Hebrew suite for seven violins" from 1997 is returning to the place of its creation as a permanent loan by The Wolf Vostell Estate. 

The work is on view from June 21, 2020.


For more informations please get in touch with the Kunsthaus Dahlem


TEL: 030 - 83 22 72-58



Wolf Vostell "Hebrew suite for seven violins", 1997. Assemblage. 275 x 235 x 15 cm. Collection Rafael & Levin Vostell. © The Wolf Vostell Estate
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