Wolf Vostell Virtual Gallery


On view is a selection of works that belong to the collection of THE WOLF VOSTELL ESTATE 

and are available for exhibition purpose. 

The architecture of the virtual gallery is based on Wolf Vostell’s concept of a transparent exhibition hall,

built over a highway. Wolf Vostell designed the DRIVE IN MUSEUM in the 1970s.


Click on the building to enter in the exhibition.

The white circles on the floor marks the way through the exhibition. Click on the white circles to
move forward. You can move in all directions with your mouse and keyboard.

Don't forget to turn around to see everything.

Enjoy your tour!

Wolf Vostell virtual gallery

WOLF VOSTELL (1932-1998)

Pioneer of Dé-collage and Blurring 

Happening artist 

Video art pioneer 

Painter and Sculptor

co-founder of FLUXUS

Friend of NO!art


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