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March 8 - July 31, 2024

Museum Vostell Malpartida





Family Vostell, Museum Vostell Malpartida and Spanish regional government of Extremadura are pleaseed to announce that Levin Vostell, son of Rafael Vostell and grandson of Mercedes & Wolf Vostell has been apointed Artistic Director of the Museum Vostell Malpartida.


Levin’s first exhibition is dedicated to his grandmother Mercedes Vostell, who past away on October 15th, 2023. The exhibition HOMMAGE A MERCEDES, curated by Levin Vostell, bring together a selection of works by Wolf Vostell which the artist dedicade to his wife Mercedes over 40 years. Many of the works have been never exhibited before and are for the first time on display in public.



Wolf Vostell, HOMMAGE A MERCEDES, oil on folder, 1958 © The Wolf Vostell Estate.
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